Paige and Erin: 9/11

"Between the dates of September 9th and September 19th, 2001 -- there are no journal entries whatsoever."

"When Osama Bin Laden was killed, I remember seeing all these college kids cheering on TV like they were at some kind of sporting event. They were barely even reading when 9/11 happened."

"Your dream of dreams -- a starring role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit."

“Some people aren’t comfortable with a woman in power.”

"Are you a witch, Ms. Collette? Can you fly?"

"You know how every anniversary year has a certain set of gifts that are associated with it? Glass, paper, silver, gold? Well, the 10-year anniversary is aluminum and tin."


Two friends interrogate each other about their 9/11 experiences. Why were they thinking about boys so much? Why did NYU insist on bringing them so many celebrities to talk to? Why are so many of their friends successful movie and television stars now? And why on earth are they still both doing theater? In an attempt to answer these annoying questions, Paige and Erin find themselves mourning the loss of their own youthful ambition to change the world.

created and performed by Paige Collette and Erin Search-Wells – directed by Maren Ward
at The Playwrights' Center – Minneapolis, Minnesota – September 2011

originally developed as part of Bedlam’s 10-Minute Play Festival
at the Capri Theater as “9/TenFest/11” – Minneapolis, Minnesota – May 2011

photos by Marcus Metropolis and Trang Do

“I was so inspired by how you handle such sensitive material (a devastating, world-and life-changing event, not to mention yourselves, your hearts and brains and lives) with such grace and humor. You cut through the sensationalism and the white noise to the human heart of the matter, and by having the courage to show your very individual personal experiences, you let us in on something universal.” –Isabel Nelson, Artist


writing, collaboration, performance