Buttercream & Scotch

Tatiana Pavela as "Mary Anne" and Paige Collette as "Aunt Gigi" (photo by George McConnell)

"I like cleaning up and getting dirty. Yelling at my lovers and getting even."

"I remember climbing up a ladder as you fell in love with me. We were putting ornaments on the tree. We were lighting a menorah in the sky."

“Maybe I can’t re-gift a relationship!”

"I just want for them to hold me so tightly that I won't die -- and for them never to die either."

“Hi Jake. It’s Gigi.”

“How are you gonna find a man in a three-piece suit if you never look for him?”

"He needs to have a garage sale in his mind."

“My only brown-eyed lover . . .”

"You are still eating meals and washing your hands and turning off the light. Still flushing the toilet and fluffing the pillow and flossing the specks of food from between your teeth."


a comedy about women, booze, breakups, and food

written and performed by Paige Collette and Tatiana Pavela
directed by Samantha Johns at the People’s Center Theater – Minneapolis – July 2011

all photos by Marcus Metropolis – unless otherwise noted

workshop directed by Michael Rau at Dixon Place – NYC – November 2009

excerpts performed at . . .

  • Jimmy’s No. 43 – NYC – June 2011
  • Four Humors' Firsty Thursday – Minneapolis – June 2011
  • Tarnish & Gold – Minneapolis – April 2011
  • Brooklyn Review release party at Jimmy’s No. 43 – NYC – June 2009
  • Hearth Gods at Jimmy’s No. 43 – NYC – March 2009
  • CATCH series at Starr Space – Brooklyn – December 2008
  • Dixon Place – A Little Taste of Paradise curated by Lucy Alibar – NYC – September 2008

excerpt published by “The Brooklyn Review” – June 2009


writing, collaboration, performance