The Climate Chronicles

from left to right . . . Paige Collette as Lily; Sean Donovan as Richard; Hannah Heller as Rachel; Sebastian Calderon-Bentin as Bob -- eating salad from the floor.

"Paige Collette makes a spectacularly bizarre entrance as Lily...
using her earrings to clip
 damp sheets of paper to an oscillating fan." -- Mitch Montgomery (

"Bob, have you heard from Dr. Howard's team?"

" Mr. Chairman . . . "

w a t e r w a t e r


created & performed by Sean Donovan, Sebastian Calderon-Bentin, Paige Collette, & Hannah Heller

“The Climate Chronicles succeeds wildly in its blithe send-up of four ineffectual climatologists. Staged with absurd panache and true-to-life humor.” – Mitch Montgomery

“A solid piece of downtown theater… Paige Collette really brings it as the spunky dissenter of the group, trying to free herself 
from her marriage to Donovan, occasionally at odds with the group at large. She’s a fun and compelling presence onstage.” – Andy

Developed during an artist residency at Stanford University in October 2011.

Performed at the Incubator Arts Project in New York City in November 2011.